Horshader ‘Grow your own’ project

The Horshader community group in the Western Isles of Scotland have been running their exciting ‘Grow Your Own’ project for a while now, where they encourage use of fresh locally-grown produce through free workshops, polytunnel use, and much more that is available for the local community. I have recently worked with them on an organisation leaflet as well as an excellent recipe book that was created from the cookery workshops they ran in 2016-2017. Here are a couple of the spreads below…

Horshader recipe book 2017 - p30Horshader recipe book 2017 - p32

UOG leaflet

I updated an A2 folding leaflet that was created a few years back for Urras Oighrachd Ghabhsann (The Galson Estate Trust), which advertised local businesses and also folded out into an information leaflet that showed places of interest, heart defib locations and more, while also having a detailed map of the estate itself in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

UOG calendar

Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsann (The Galson Estate Trust) asked me to create their 2017 calendar. The A4 folded calendar used some fantastic high-res imagery taken by people who lived in the district and covered various aspects of island life.