Website Illustrations

For those who don’t know, my company logo (top of the page) is inspired by the famous Trainspotting poster – which in my opinion is a modern design classic.  It combines my love for graphic design and movies, and so I decided to design my official website in this style.

Below are two of the illustrated backgrounds which I’m working on – the idea being that each page will contain an iconic moment from the film….but using my identity! This is just a sneak peek, hopefully I will have time soon to dedicate to completing these illustrations in order for me to get the website up and running.




One comment

  1. Hey Domhnall,

    Just a quick note to say how much I like the Trainspotting stuff… really cool man….. am very much liking the cut of your jib there a’ dhuine!

    Hope all is cool at Druim Fraoich and at home in general…:-) Well done on Eilean Fraoich Cup…… Rinn sibh Fair Powerful a’ dhuine….!

    Peace Out for now, Babes…

    Cheeury an Drasda.

    Daibhidh Moireasdan


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