NYC Wedding Illustration

This is a commissioned 36 x 12 inch illustrated canvas, completed for my friend Laura from work who was recently married in New York!

One of her close friends asked me if it would be possible to create a minimalist piece of art as her wedding gift, to commemorate their wedding at the Ladies Pavillion in Central Park.  I asked her to take some photos of the day to give me a better feel of area, and also to get the outfits, etc, correct.  So that helped with details like the San Remo Building (upper left) and the distinctive lake in the foreground, with its green coloured water, and a few other parts.

I started the same as I do all of my large illustration pieces, by sketching out some layout ideas in pencil. I scanned those in and began playing about with it in Photoshop, coming up with a rough design and colours, until the client was happy with the general idea. Then, once I got the photos from the wedding I began designing it properly in Adobe Illustrator, working up a draft design which we worked from. The colour scheme totally changed from the original pinks and dark blues, to reflect how the area looked in the summer. Once the overall look was right, the final piece was getting the bride and groom exactly as we wanted it, and this is where the photos really helped, as the kilt pattern, dress, flowers etc all look as they did on the big day.

You can also see the distinctive NYC skyline in background, with the Empire State Building, new World Trade Centre, etc standing out. The full illustration is at the top (click to see full-screen), with a few close-ups underneath. She seemed really happy with it anyway, and that’s the main thing!!  Nothing scarier than an angry bride….. 🙂

36x12 CP final-01

 CP illustration 2-01

CP illustration 1-01

CP illustration 3-01

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